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How to Make Your One Bedroom Apartment Feel Like Home

Getting Cozy in a One Bedroom Apartment: How to Make It Feel Like Home

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Tips for Making Your Kansas City Luxury Apartment More Comfortable

With winter arriving quickly in KC, many people are ready to transition from outdoors events to finding things to do inside. When it’s cold, we spend much more time indoors and in our spaces. Sometimes, luxury Kansas CIty apartments can get stale and need a refresh. What better time to breathe new life into your one bedroom apartment than in the winter when you are spending more time there?

Let’s take a look at a few ways to cozy up your luxury one bedroom apartment in Kansas City.

Setting the Ambience in Your One Bedroom Apartment Can Make a World Of Difference

Believe it or not, our mood can affect how we feel about certain spaces and activities as much as any other factor. Because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your apartment at The Grand this winter, make it count by adding some elements that set a good mood in your space.

Some things to keep in mind as options for improving the ambience include:

  • Lighting – While starting to gain traction as an ambience-setter in recent years, lighting is often overlooked as one of the main factors that affect mood and perception of a room. Lighting can even be used to highlight different areas of a room, add some life to a favorite corner, and much more.

    Lamps, LED strips, smart bulbs, and many more options can elevate your apartment in minutes. Choose daylight bulbs or soft white bulbs, depending on how bright you like your interior spaces. Daylight bulbs can help keep you energized when it gets dark outside earlier in the day.

  • Mirrors – Feeling claustrophobic after sitting inside for hours? There’s an age-old trick for making your space feel bigger, while also adding elegant detail and decor to a room – mirrors! Mirrors actually trick the eye in a room to make the room feel bigger and provide focal points with depth to the room. Place one across from a window in your one bedroom apartment, and you’ll be surprised how much it tricks your eyes as well.
  • Photos – Nothing says home like a picture of family or friends to look at on the wall. While it might seem small, a little personality can really add some comfort to a space. Looking around and seeing loving and familiar faces on your wall can give you a small dose of home and warmth to combat the cold, winter days indoors.

The Furniture and Decor in Your One Bedroom Apartment Becomes More Important in the Winter

Cold weather, work from home, COVID-19 scares, and so many more things will keep us inside of our homes this winter. Our furniture gets a run for its money every year during the winter months. Many of us know that having furniture and decor that we don’t like or that doesn’t fit our personality can really take away from the coziness of a space.

Consider the following when thinking about upgrading your one bedroom apartment

  • Decor – Find some things you really like that reflect who you are and add them to your space. Don’t strictly choose decor that fills certain amounts of space, fits in one particular place, or goes with a theme. You want to have decor that reflects who you are and can be used in many different ways to keep transforming your apartment space when needed. Plants, artwork, souvenirs, and so much more can become a tone-setter for your Kansas City luxury apartment.
  • Furniture – Couches don’t last forever. Although we like to plop, sit, and lay all over them until they don’t have any use left, it can actually be quite refreshing to replace the sofa in your space. Not only will you have better, more comfortable places to lounge, but you’ll have an entirely new look and feel to your space. New furniture is always worth the investment.
  • Rugs – Adding an area rug to a room can actually have multiple effects. They alter the way a room looks and feels, while adding some color and texture without drastically changing the space. You’ll want to buy a rug that “seems” too big for your room, but you need that extra space for sliding under furniture and fitting the rug into your one bedroom apartment. Rugs also add warmth to a space, which is much-needed during winter months.
  • Small kitchen appliances – Ask your family for their favorite slow-cooker recipes (think stews and soups) and recreate them in your luxury kitchen with your own slow cooker. Such a simple small appliance helps you feel more at home and cozy on cold winter nights.

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