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Best Accessories For Your Dog While Living in Downtown

Accessories Your Dog Needs to Live Large in Your Luxury Downtown Apartment

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Give Your Furry Friend One-of-a-Kind Luxurious Living in Our Modern Kansas City Apartments

Luxury living isn’t just for us humans – our furry friends deserve all the splendors your apartment has to offer. When you’re living in a pet friendly apartment in Kansas City, you get tons of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. At The Grand, we have our complimentary paw spa and bark park for our dog residents, helping them live the life they so deserve.

When you’re looking for downtown apartments for rent, there can often be the worry that your pets are getting everything they need out of your space. Whether you’re worried about giving them enough space to run, enough quality time with you, or space that’s all their own, there are some awesome accessories that will make your and your pup’s life even better.

In our modern Kansas City Apartment complex, you can ensure that you aren’t the only one thinking about your pup when you’re gone. We’re thinking about them, too! At The Grand, we keep up with all the latest trends in the dog world so that we know our pet residents are just as taken care of as our human residents.

Puzzle Toys Keep Your Pup Entertained in Your Modern Kansas City Apartment

If you’re worried about leaving your pup alone during the day while you’re off at work, there are so many ways to keep their minds (and mouths!) busy while you’re gone. Puzzle toys have gotten popular in the dog owner community, and for good reason.

There are so many types of puzzle feeders and treat dispensers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. These can keep your dog entertained for hours – great for working their mental focus and keeping them from causing trouble out of boredom.

Keep An Eye on Your Modern Kansas City Apartment with a Doggy Cam

Have you ever been sitting at your desk, trying to work, but you just can’t stop thinking, “What’s my dog doing right now?” Fret no more, because with a doggy cam in your pet friendly apartment in Kansas City, you don’t need to wonder. Doggy cams can be as simple as a camera in your living room, to interactive ways you can communicate with your pup from afar.

Making sure your pup is staying out of trouble (or just checking in to see their cute little face) can be done right from your phone. There are even doggy cameras that shoot out treats for your dog whenever you want it to. Now that’s luxury living!

Take Care of Your Pup with a Calming Pet Crate in Your Modern Kansas City Apartment

Do you have a pup who might have some separation anxiety? Anxiety happens to the best of us, even our furry friends. Luckily, even if you’re leaving your dog in your apartment, there are ways to make sure they’re as calm as they can be.

A great trait to look for when you’re shopping for a new crate is to make sure the crate is “cave-like.” This means that the dog can’t see out of every side like a traditional metal crate; this style can be more calming for anxious pets. A dark, safe space will keep your pup from getting overstimulated by the surrounding environment and hopefully lull them to sleep until you’re home at last.

It’s also good to assess whether you need an indestructible crate, especially if your pup tends to chew or bust their way out of their kennel. We get that this is a stressful thing for both the dog and the owner, but hopefully you’ll find your pup sleeping safe and sound at the end of the day in a crate that they love.

Show Off a New Leash in Our Modern Kansas City Apartment Complex

A simple but important accessory for your dog is a leash. This may seem matter of fact, but there are so many leashes to choose from when you’re a dog owner – almost too many!

Whether you use a harness, lead, bungee, or a retractable leash, there’s probably an upgraded version you’ll love. When you live in our pet friendly apartments in Kansas City, you’ll be taking your dog in and out often, making a good leash essential.

Leashes are made with your dog’s behavior in mind, so if you have a dog who wants to make friends with everyone, a leash that keeps them close might be a good idea. If your pup loves to pull, a bungee leash might be easier on you while you’re making your way through the hallways of The Grand.

Give Your Pup Luxurious Living with a Doggy Bathrobe at Our Modern Kansas City Apartments

At The Grand, we have a complimentary dog spa in the building. So, what better way to give your pup the luxurious life than with their own personal bathrobe?

Okay, we know that sounds a little ridiculous, but even after blow drying your furry friend, they can sometimes still be a little chilly. It can be a surprisingly nice way to finish drying them off after a good wash. Plus, just imagine how cute they’d look leaving our paw spa on the way back to your apartment?

The Grand’s Modern Kansas City Apartments Are Made for You and Your Pup

If you’re looking for the perfect pet friendly apartment near you and your furry friend, The Grand offers more than just the amenities. Our incredible staff is here to make sure that you (and your pup!) have everything you need to make The Grand feel like home.

Are you ready to take the leap and upgrade your life? Tour The Grand and get a taste for downtown luxury living! If you have any questions, feel free to call our amazing staff at (816) 399-2909 or send us a message online.

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